Back When

My brother was just six years old
And I was all of nine
I made a football from a feed sack
Tied up with sea grass twine
Then I dropped back and made a pass
Just like Unitas did
We all made our dreams come true
back when

And I drove hours in Dad’s car
And never even left the yard
I got far away from the farm
Had Sally Burchfield on my arm
I’d make it big and she’d be mine
Forever till the end of time
I couldn’t wait for the wheel to spin
We made all our dreams come true
Back when

Back when
It was Zero bars and 7ups
With your friends
Back when
We got together at a neighbors house
To pick and grin
Butch wax in a flattop cut
And hopefully with any luck
A little kiss from you new girlfriend
We all made our dreams come true
Back when

I know my daughter thinks that I'm a dinosaur
When she hears me talk about the way things were before
I'm not too concerned about the latest buzz
I spend more time thinking bout the way it was

Repeat Chorus