Anything Worth Doing
Verse 1
That New Mexican sun was beatin down hard
We were building a fence on my uncle’s farm
Huffin and puffin
Wiping the sweat from our eyes
We had those cedar posts all set in place
Then I saw a grimace cross Willie’s old face
We got to do this job over he said and I nearly died

Son, it’s gotta be square, level and plum
It’s gotta be right before you say done
Be honest with yourself
Make sure that you’re satisfied
Don’t ever lower the bar, raise it up high
Anything worth doing, is worth doing right

When my life was spinning out of control
And I was in fear for my mortal soul
I fell on my knees
And cried out dear God make it right
As Jesus came in and set my heart free
Willie’s long ago words came back to me
Clear as a bell but they came from the Master this time