South Austin Shuffle
Lightning Red - guitar, vocal
LZ Love - vocal
Kresco Oremus - harp
Nerea Rudic - bass
Tom Diewock - drums

engineered by Nenao Vicvic in Split, Croatia
and Tom Diewock in Ingolsdatd, Germany
mastered by Werner Schill - Ingolsdatd, Germany
produced by Lightning Red and Tom Diewock

BMI Work #: 5662239 ISWC: T-071.604.348-9 (South Austin Shuffle)
BMI Work #: 5680542 ISWC: T-071.604.617-1 (South Austin)

THE THUNDER BLUES SET (a collection of five songs by Lightning Red & Thunder Blues)

Originally recorded/released in 2000 by Angelwing Records on the CD - TORTURED MIND
Lightning Red - vocal, guitar
Jeff Anderson - guitar
Terry Robbins - bass
Coy Fuller - drums