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  • Jadi Norris - "Home Is Where The Heart Is"
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  • Mark Wayne Glasmire - "You Opened My Eyes"
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  • Jadi Norris - "Hail The American Soldier"
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  • Stevie Lee Woods - "It's Only Money"
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  • Mickey Utley / "Cry Like Memphis"
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Herrick - Press Quotes
" Herrick is an exceptional live act that just also happen to be great songwriters... a very rare combination. Their hard-work, grit and determination are starting to pay big dividends in the way of industry attention and opportunities. We expect to see big things for this act in 2009."
Robert Weingartz, CEO: Airplay Direct.

"I have heard many groups, but when I heard HERRICK I was blown away. I hadn't and haven't seen since a group with such boundless talent and originality. From the first song, I have been hooked!"
Paul Newman / Program Director
KIX 96 FM KNFR - Clear Channel Corporation

"I feel very fortunate to have the honor of knowing Donna, Kerry and Kevin Herrick.
When I first met them I was a DJ for this company and they were perfroming with Kenny Chesney for one of our sponsored events. I was very impressed by their vocal originality and their ability to deliver an believeable performance. And their music! They are what Country music needs today."
Tim Cotter / Program Director
Cat Country 94 ~ Citadel Communications

"Fabulous! The performance they gave was exciting and energetic!
Herrick gave the most professional and extremely thrilling performances we have ever had here at the festival. The crowd was exhilarated their performance and gave an explosive response."
Connie Bergram / Executive Director
Festival at Sandpoint

"HERRICK is a group I would recommend any time.They are a family group with a positive attitude, and they perform with a stage presence that only family can possess. They are ambitious, fun and extremely talented. I have found that crowds love their high energy performances. This group has the ability to get people on their feet. They really have a good time with the audience. Donna, Kevin and Kerry are accommodating and easy to work with. They are nice people as well as terrific performers. HERRICK would be a valuable asset to ANY show.
Ballinger / Promotions Director
Clear Channel Corporation


Martha E. Moore

Wrong Place, Wrong Time ...  Becky Schlegel's New Country Single, "So Embarrassing," Tells Tale Of Infidelity & Deceit

August 17, 2009 -- Becky's Schlegel's new single, "So Embarrassing," is a lilting tale of infidelity that showcases Schlegel's poetic and (sometimes) painfully honest writing style.The track arrives at Country radio this week via CDX Volume 481, but programmers can also download  it directly from It is the debut single from Becky's upcoming CD, DANDELION, on Lilly Ray/IGO Records (distributed by Select-O-Hits).
Becky's spellbinding soprano is the obvious highlight of "So Embarrassing," and renowned singer/instrumentalist Randy Kohrs' striking background vocal creates an intriguing dynamic.   A stellar group of musicians fill out the track, and they are:  Brian Fesler (guitar); Phil Hey (drums) Gordon Johnson (bass); Randy Kohrs (dobro) and Kenny Wilson (steel guitar).
Industry Insiders Describe Becky's Voice:
"She has been likened to other chanteuses, but there is a fragile beauty, vulnerability and heartbreaking ache to her voice that makes her a unique performer." - Maverick Magazine
"Becky is one of the gifted, honey-throated songbirds like Dolly Parton and Lee Ann Womack who sounds effortless when she delivers a tune." - Performing Songwriter
"Becky Schlegel showcases a soft warble of a voice that meets the ears like a gentle, moist kiss on the cheek. Never forceful, and at times little more than a whisper."
Schlegel has appeared several times on NPR's  A Prairie Home Companion and continues as a frequent guest on RFD-TV's Midwest Country Theater. 
Fans can learn more about Becky and purchase "So Embarrassing" online at . To schedule an interview, contact Martha at 615-746-3994 or 
(Photo Credit:  Mitch Kezar)

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September 8, 2009
The Word-Mark Wayne Glasmire Represents Country Music With Class On Latest Single-
By Chad Carlson

One of the best elements of country music is that it can make you experience a million different emotions. It's true, one song can make you angry, guilty, heartbroken, or so happy you can't stop smiling. One of the trademark traits of the genre, though, one that shines a little brighter than the rest, is its ability to inspire. Every now and then, a tune comes along that makes us put a halt on our busy lives to stop and think about what's really important. We are all constantly consumed by our everyday lives and sometimes we forget what really matters. Sometimes it takes a heartwarming, honest down-to-earth song to help us gain a little perspective about the most important things in our lives: life, love, and family. Mark Wayne Glasmire's "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" is one of the more mind-changing, life-appreciating songs to hit the country music genre in years.

"We've got to have faith and we've got to pray to God above that as long as we're together we don't need much else. We'll have each other's love." One of the more heartwarming from the song, this line portrays exactly why we love country music so much. Mark Wayne Glasmire, a folk-inspired singer-songwriter from Bethlehem, PA, writes songs about real-life, his life. "A well-traveled troubadour," Glasmire grew up in a working-class home, and through his upbringing and music career, he has never lost sight of the most important things in life. Lucky for the music world, he is also magnificently talented. He's seen the world and experienced the highest and lowest of life's experiences, and he's succeeded at being able to communicate his trials and triumphs through his music.

"Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" is the somber yet uplifting story of a family struggling to get by when the father of the household loses his job, ultimately causing the family to live on the streets. Times are rough, food and shelter are scarce, but they do have love, which, as the song proves, is stronger than anything else. It's an incredibly touching story, and Glasmire's smooth, down-to-earth delivery make the listener honestly believe in the song, and the man. The arrangement is flawless, and the subtle yet powerful acoustic melody accompanied by the soothing, storytelling vocals make this song unforgettingly inspirable.

This is the first single off of Glasmire's latest album, 'Life Goes On.' The disc, as a whole, is an epic, honest, humble catalogue of the many ups and downs of life, and with tunes including "True Love Knows," "I Believe In You," and "Our Love Remains," it promises to be a heart-touching album. Whether the topic be heartache, hope, or love, Mark treats the listener to an incredible collection of sentimental tunes that are sure to stay close to your heart for quite some time. Like the music he plays, Mark Wayne Glasmire speaks straight from the heart.

Chad Carlson - SteelTownRock (Sep 8, 2009)
Country August 30, 2009 Review: Mark Wayne Glasmire "Life Goes On"

Mark Wayne Glasmire is in his early 50s, has a name that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and looks like your next door neighbor. Throw all those supposed liabilities in the mix, and Mark Wayne Glasmire is still the best up-and-coming Americana artist in the United States today.

One listen to Glasmire's fantastic new album "Life Goes On" will make you scratch your head and wonder why this mild-mannered, Arlington, Texas singer-songwriter isn't already a household name. The album begins with the beautiful ballad he wrote "True Love Knows," which has an interesting Lonestar meets Darius Rucker sound. The next track, "You Opened My Eyes," has a refreshing contemporary country sound mixed with a vocal style reminiscent of John Denver.

"Shelter From The Storm" has a harder, Texas country edge combined with a winning melody. "Shelter From The Storm" should be released to Texas radio, where it deserves to be a major chart hit. The rockin' country track "Ain't Love A Funny Thing" proves that Mark Wayne Glasmire has the ability to shake a concert hall, and the melodic, bluegrass-style "This Must Be Love" will also be a crowd favorite.

The best song on the album is the current single "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright." It has every element necessary to make it a hit. Mark Wayne Glasmire's vocals are pitch-perfect, the instrumentation is stellar and the song has a memorable (and hummable) melody. Also, the lyrics and overall theme of "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" is socially relevant in these days of mass foreclosures and government bailouts.

The fact that he's not already an Americana music heavyweight doesn't seem to bother Mark Wayne Glasmire. You can feel an inner peace in his voice and in the quiet confidence he exudes on every note of his brilliant new album "Life Goes On."

Indeed, Mark Wayne Glasmire deserves a wide audience for his nurturing, feel-good blend of Americana and country music. His music is food for the soul, and you can't ask more from an album than that. - BJ Jones Download Mark Wayne Glasmire Songs
B.J. Jones - Country (Aug 30, 2009)

**As published in @MusicRow on Thursday August 7, 2009
by Robert K. Oermann

MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE / Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
Writer: Mark Wayne Glasmire; Producer: None Listed;
Publisher: Traceway, ASCAP; Spinville

-The factory closes, Daddy loses his job. The bank forecloses on their hiome. The family becomes homeless. But they survive with faith, love and hope intact. The hang-on-every-line story song is surrounded by an acoustic-based production that keeps the emphasis on the lyric. An admirable effort all around.
Robert K. Oermann - MusicRow (Aug 7, 2009)

**As published in the Saturday, May 31, 2008 GUIDELIVE Section of the Dallas Morning News:
"Songs For Grown-Ups"
ARLINGTON - Mark Wayne Glasmire won't play the age game. He's 53, he'll tell you without hesitation. He is also a singer/songwriter performing for adults older than 35.
In other words, he makes music for people of his generation - not for the coveted youth market.
"The highest demographic in this country are the baby boomers", he says while reclining on a tan couch in the family room of girlfriend Brenda Cubbage's home. "Fifty-five percent of our population is over the age of 35. This was in 1999. Of course, obviously that statistic is still true. That's who are market is. That's who I want to appeal to."
Mr. Glasmire gets all fired up. He takes a deep breath and keeps going.
"I can't relate to a 7 year old girl," he says. Hopefully she'll like my tunes and convince her mom to buy it. My target is the people in my age group to fill a void that was left by the departure of radio the way it used to be. That's what it comes down to. Guys like John Denver and Harry Chapin and Dan Fogelberg, as good as they were, they would have a hard time getting on the radio today. James Taylor, especially with the way he looks now, he would never get on the radio. It wouldn't happen because it is more about the package."
On his three independently released CDs - "All of My Heart", "Scrapbook" and "Now I Believe" - Mr. Glasmire sounds like a warm, genuine and melodic throwback to the days when songs were earthy and uncluttered. He makes pop music steeped in the traditions of folk and country. He sings about his life and the lives of those around him.
His rich, expressive voice cuts right to the heart. All he needs is an acoustic guitar. That talent and charm helped him win this years B.W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriter Competition at Poor David's Pub.
"I say what I'm thinking, and it's direct. This is what I believe. I would go back and do it all again. My parents' love still does remain," he says, paraphrasing two of his best compostions, "Our Love Remains" and "Do It All Again." "Things don't always go the way you want them to go. But the one constant is the love. No matter what else changes, I know that is true, that will be there forever."
He even has that nature-pure optimism so indicative of those '70s singer-songwriters who have influenced him. Mr. Glasmire's kept that positive outlook through his failed attempt at success in Nashville and the end of his 23-year marriage.
While living in Music City from 1995 to 2005, the Bethlehem, PA, native wrote songs with other artists in mind and was part of a harmony trio called Borderline. Nobody prominent has recorded his tunes yet, and Borderline never signed a major-label contract.
They were close, though. "We were a country version of Crosby, Stills and Nash," he says. "But then we were told: You guys are too old, you're too fat, you're too grey. You're to this, you're too that.' It was like Simon Cowell sitting there."
He packed his bags and moved to Arlington once his divorce was final in 2005. He met Ms. Cubbage two months after he arrived in North Texas. She was an attorney for Public Storage, where Mr. Glasmire still works full time. He's a construction manager in the company's Arlington office.
At first Ms. Cubbage represented Mr. Glasmire professionally. Then the relationship turned personal.
He's memorialized that union on "Brenda's Song" from "Scrapbook".
"There's a thread," he says about his tunes. "This is my life story. There are some parts that are missing, but a lot of it is there. I had a guy, a really good friend of mine, he said: "You know the funny thing about you is you look like Yul Brynner on the outside but you're like Mary Poppins on the inside. You got all these feelings that you're not afraid to talk about.' This is true. I'm not afraid to talk about it."
That honesty, he hopes, will appeal to fans young and old.
Mario Tarradell - GuideLive-Dallas Morning News (May 31, 2008)
"Singer/Songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire has been everywhere, man. His sound is like Harry Chapin pitching pennies with James Taylor in front of the Beatles museum."
Brian Baker - Midpoint Music Festival Guide (Sep 27, 2007)
"Singer/songwriter" is more than the simple description on Mark Wayne Glasmire's business card. It also explains why he now calls Nashville home. "If you are in music," says the personable native of Pennsylvania, "this is the palce to be."
Southwest Airlines Magazine (Oct, 1997)
"Americana singer-songwriter Mark wayne Glasmire wears his influences like he picks his guitar-with unabashed honesty. The artist who was raised in Bethlehem, PA and is now based in Arlington, has an easy singing and playing style with an emphasis on the folky sound of James Taylor, the occassional island jaunt of Jimmy Buffet and the comfortable, melodic country vibe of Dan Seals."
Mario Tarradell - The Dallas Morning News (Nov 10, 2006)

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