Pendemic B
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  • I Run This Ft. KT Official & Lil Wayne
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Every once and awhile a man comes along who is dedicated and committed to his passion. A man that loves what he those and is good at it. That man is Pendemic B. He has experienced a lot of down fall and short comings in his life. He couldn’t always rap the way he those now, but thru practice and perseverance has created a style like no other. Some call him a chameleon Because he has mixed a variation of styles and at any point in a song can switch up. He can be 50 cent one minute, then Kanye West the next. He is truly a brilliant rapper. He is a man that will one day take the world by storm, thunder and all. For this southern rapper it all started the day he was born, October 12, 1991. It was almost from the moment he was born he loved music. Almost as if a time bomb had been set by GOD for a great rapper. Growing up in the small town of Bainbridge, Georgia “Some call it Port City or Pote City” didn’t disenchant him from finding out about the rap scene of the 90’s including rappers like Heavy D, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS 1, Jay Z, Nas, Tupac, and The Notorious B.I.G. The people, people like him only dreamed about one day becoming. By the time he was nine he was well on his way to becoming a great rapper, but he really didn’t plane on becoming a rapper. The tables just happen to turn that way. One day he just happened to be watching television. He had already had fabrications in his mind of rapping, but had never really tried until that very day when he was watching T.V. a thought like no other bounced into his head. A thought that triggered a sort of chain reaction. A thought so significant that with out it Pendemic B wouldn’t be rapping today. A thought that made him start freestyling as if almost automatically. This was his first freestyle ever. So over a course of years he started freestyling more regularly. Almost on a daily basis. He only freestyled around his immediate family. Doing just simple things like taking out the trash, doing homework, and even while watching T.V. All of these things in Pendemic B’s early life has lead to a almost pure breed rapper. By the time Pendemic B had gotten into middle school he was already a great freestylist, but still no one except his family knew it. All that changed on a day like no other. Pendemic B was just chilling in class as usual. When his class mates started a freestyle battle. He wasn’t quick to jump in on it because for the better part he had always kept his talent a secret, but his thoughts started racing. Until he got up and started freestyling. Every body happened to be very impressed so much so that they started to ask him to freestyle on a regular basis. Almost every time he freestyled a crowed of people would surround him and cheer him on. That started to trigger sort of a feeling that he like having. As the years went on his public freestyling got better and better. Till one day he decided to put out an album. A cheap album I mind you, but one of his first ever. He encountered one big problem he didn’t have any knowledge about recording neither did he have any money to go to a studio. So he just found a cheap recording program from off the internet and bought a cheap $10.00 microphone from Walmart. In his early days of recording I remind you he didn’t know any thing about recording and the program he was using wasn’t even an eight track recorder nor a two track recorder. To record he just got up to one of his computer speakers so that the beat would be recorded along with his rhymes. These where the first recordings of Pendemic B, who at that time went by the name Sting Ray. He recorded to full albums with this method and gave them out to his friends. They just happened to like them so the following year he entered a talent show. He didn’t win I mind you , but he practiced and learned a little more about recording and got a better recording program. His recording were so much better that these guys in his neighborhood wanted to come over to his house and record with him. So of course he said yes, he had never really had any people to record with, and he was sort of watchful of these guys. He already knew them very well however, but he still was keen on watching them. He never recorded any real songs with them. He had listened to them freestyle, but neither one of them could rap. So one day he was getting off of the school bus to walk home. He had already told one of the guys he couldn’t rap and that the other guy couldn’t rap either. So going home him and the guys got into a fight and the police wound up coming and breaking it up and took him and one of the other guys in. This is how Pendemic B learned not to be submissive and always be suspicious of people especially people he though were his friends. The next year rolled around and he entered another talent show. He didn’t win that one, not because he wasn’t good simply because he was upstaged by dancers or even people whose talent was doing flips. This did not this enchant Pendemic B however these events simply made him stronger as rapper. So he got in his studio complete with a good microphone and a keyboard. He had stepped his game up people, he had stepped his game up. He started working on one of the greatest mixtapes he had ever made at that time “Hustler’s Mentality“. A down hard mixtape about the hustle and the mind state almost every hustler has. It was filled with some of his greatest songs he had ever recorded up until that point . They say a great man is made over time and this also applies to Pendemic B for that summer he wrote his first great rhyme. He had been trying for years to write, but simple didn’t have the skills. He knew one day when he was ready for the skills they would come and they did. Over a course of a few months Pendemic B was writing like a pro. This was before he actually released the mixtape so he wrote a couple rhymes for it just to see what he could really do. So that fall he realeased the mixtape at his High School giving out over one hundred copy’s. He got one of the greatest responses he had ever gotten for an album. Every body he gave it to seemed to like it except for those select few haters. It was like he had become an over night celebrity. So at that time Pendemic B knew he was ready. He now needed a label. So he started his search, but come on where does a man look to find a label to sign to that will even give him the time of day. One night he was searching over the internet and by shear luck he found a record label “Royal Bloodline Records” that happened to be in his hometown. So he contacted them and talked to the head exec their. So they worked out a deal, but an un contracted deal. So Pendemic B is still searching incase something better comes along. That’s why we present to you Pendemic B a man of great integrity who has suffered a great deal in his life. Their is more about Pendemic B that can’t be written in this text it can only be known by his music for his music is the true key to what is in his heart. So as your love and respect for him grows. So will his life story. Always remember that.
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