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  • LOUIS MYERS|Re-creates the classic 1950s Chicago blues sound he helped to pioneer
  • PACO|The true spirit of Christmas is in the joy of children
  • RUSTY ENDS|An innocent pleasure, with a twinkle in its's fun!
  • CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE|Straight-from-the-soul vocals, melodic blues harp and hypnotic guitar work.
  • RIDERS IN THE SKY|Cowboy songs and originals from the Western music authorities
  • PICKIN' ON CHRISTMAS|A joyful, holiday journey for the adventurous Bluegrass fan!
  • LIGHTNIN' ROD WILSON|New Hit Original Christmas Single! It's Christmas!
  • RBR FAMILY CHRISTMAS|A Merry Bluegrass Christmas collection featuring our RBR Artists
  • AMY SCRUGGS|What if you chase your dream and it changes your whole life
  • MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER|A beautiful collection of original Christmas tunes
  • ROGER "HURRICANE" WILSON|Merry Christmas from Roger "Hurricane" Wilson & Bluestorm Records!
  • MMG CHRISTMAS 2022 DISC 4|Sounds of the Season!
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